Custody and Visitation

McAlester, Oklahoma Family Law Attorneys Representing Parents in Matters of Custody and Visitation

Whether you are a married parent who is going through a divorce, or a single parent who requires a formal child custody or visitation agreement, you're going to require a family law attorney who is well versed in the state of Oklahoma's laws regarding shared parenting, child custody and visitation. The attorneys in Konsure Law Firm of McAlester, Oklahoma, have been representing parents in their custody and visitation disputes for over twenty years. They have a solid reputation in Oklahoma courts and are an ideal choice to represent you in your child custody or visitation dispute.

Custody and Visitation in the State of Oklahoma

When deciding which parent will get custody of a minor child, the Oklahoma family courts first examine what will be in the best interests of the minor child with regard to their moral and physical well being. The courts favor parenting plans that allow frequent contact with both parents. The court may award sole or joint custody of the child to one or both parents, depending on what is in the best interests of the child. Oklahoma judges are not likely to deny visitation unless it can be shown that the non-custodial parent is irresponsible or a direct danger to the child. In many cases, the court may still order supervised visitation.

Family Law Attorney of Pittsburg County Aggressively Defending Parental Rights

During your initial consultation with the attorneys at Konsure Law Firm, we will discuss your expectations with you and attempt to determine what the best options are available to help you obtain the results you seek. If you are able to reach an agreement with the opposing party and desire to enter into an agreed order, we can skillfully draft the appropriate court pleadings to commemorate the agreement you have reached with the opposing party so that the court can approve the agreement and make the agreement binding on both parties. Or, if an agreement cannot be reached, we can skillfully present your side of the case to the court for a ruling on the case by the court. We can even seek an extraordinary remedy from the courts like emergency custody in the event that there is appropriate, provable evidence warranting such extraordinary relief. In an emergency or after hours we can often be reached by email at

In addition to Pittsburg County, the Konsure Law Firm represents parents seeking custody and visitation in Okfuskee, Okmulgee, McIntosh, Muskogee, Haskell, Latimer, Pushmataha, Atoka, Coal, Hughes Counties, and statewide. To schedule an appointment with one of Oklahoma's preeminent family law and divorce attorneys, contact Konsure Law Firm at (918) 426-0700.